Monday, January 15, 2007

Catching up, my New Year's resolution

Alrighty then. I haven't posted a single thing on this blog since October. So, my greatest resolution yet is to gather up some objects that are finished, photgraph and post them! Oh yeah, and to finish up the stuff currently sitting in the studio making me feel guilty. I mean these things are cut out and almost done! C'mon, Meg!

Among those items glaring at me from the ironing board, in no particular order:
1. two pair of pants for Finn,
2. two pair of pants for Mimi,
3. a tank for Mim,
4. jeans for Finn,
5. dress for Willow,
6. prototype dress for boutique selling,
7. skirt for Mimi,
8. dress for Hannah.

Eeeeek. Just looking at it gives me the heebies. Ah well, it's always better to see it in black and white. Go DynaTeam!