Friday, March 21, 2008

What's the Opposite of Foreshadowing?

Here is the promised Lisann, amazingly it's finished. The top is a modified Hannah from Farbenmix as well. Check out this flower, isn't it sweet? I found this tutorial online.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rainy Day Foreshadowing

I got these gorgeous Ginger Blossom fabrics in the mail yesterday, along with this new Michael Miller bias tape. The colors remind me of pussywillows and magnolias--the surest signs of spring I know. Check out the Lisann pattern in the very background there. I think that's what they call foreshadowing...

Good Etsy Street Team meeting last night, there was some talk of setting up a Saturday Market booth. Only three weeks until Market starts, maybe it's time to hop off the fence? Hop on the hyperlinks?

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Working, Cross My Heart

Rick rack is my favorite notion. Especially vintage--which is why I cull through the craft section of every thrift store I pop into. I love the labels, colors, and the quality is AMAZING.

This is some from my extensive collection. I was getting ready to sew it on something cute and diminutive today, when unwanted pink halos hovered before my eyes. Although the package swears it's colorfast and will stand up to boiling (!) or my money back, who at Nufashond would I write to for a "reasonable reimbursement for my labor and materials used?" So I pre-washed it. Now it's hanging to dry in the studio. And guess what? It was colorfast!

Oh, and check out the props in the latest issue of small. And look here. That's my name, really small, right above Wee Wonderfuls! My life is complete now.