Sunday, March 25, 2007

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Very Cloche Call

Sorry for the terrible pun. Here is the first attempt at the 1920's girls cloche. Somehow I added an inch in my daughter's head measurement. I thought the 20" band measurement was going to be dead on, but it actually fits me(albeit snugly)! I need to wheedle the pieces down a bit so the hat will fit her more snugly. Meanwhile, I'm stylin' in my new chapeau!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Current Inspiration

I've been totally inspired by the gift membership to Pattern Review that I got for Christmas. There are people on there who can really sew! I had to take a little time to reflect what I like about sewing, I always just assumed it was the fabric!! I still haven't come up with an answer, I only know that I can't let a day slip by without sneaking into my studio even just to look around.

Here is my newest obsession, brought about by a women's vintage pink coat given me by my mom. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was just the right color for Mimi, and decided to cut it down for her. But it needs a hat all to itself. You're never too young to learn that a stocking cap (no matter how bright or stripey) is no match for a well cut winter dress coat. I found this pattern online at the Vintage Pattern Lending Library (where have they been all my life?), for a girl's cloche hat pattern from the 1920's. The pattern says it fits a 20" head, and also that it's a size 6. Well, the hat fits my daughter, who is 2. I will just let that speak for itself.

I also found this totally awesome crochet cloche on eBay, I think it's from Bow2Tow. It's also supposed to best fit an 18-24 month old, but it fits my two year old and this adult mannequin. So sizing continues to baffle, but I think the proper-hat-for-your-coat lesson is covered for now. Oh my. As I read that last sentence, there's some alarm bell going off in the back of my head. This is somehow all going to come back and haunt me, isn't it???

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New Steps! New Steps!

There are no new steps! But there are lots of new projects flowing from my needle here. I've got two projects documented that I will post step by step here, and a few projects that need to be photographed still. Very exciting times. Stay tuned... Meanwhile, here's some photos of the remodeled, reorganized studio. Hmmm, remodel and creativity? Coincidence...? I think not.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Studio Tantrum Expo!

I had such fun once I got started on this project that I stayed up 'til one a.m. finishing the necklace. Not only was Mimi really excited about her new "party dress," when she put it on her brother told her she looked just like a princess, and requested a framed picture for his room!
The power of a few strips of fabric will always amaze me, and I guess when it doesn't anymore is when I quit sewing!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Catching up, my New Year's resolution

Alrighty then. I haven't posted a single thing on this blog since October. So, my greatest resolution yet is to gather up some objects that are finished, photgraph and post them! Oh yeah, and to finish up the stuff currently sitting in the studio making me feel guilty. I mean these things are cut out and almost done! C'mon, Meg!

Among those items glaring at me from the ironing board, in no particular order:
1. two pair of pants for Finn,
2. two pair of pants for Mimi,
3. a tank for Mim,
4. jeans for Finn,
5. dress for Willow,
6. prototype dress for boutique selling,
7. skirt for Mimi,
8. dress for Hannah.

Eeeeek. Just looking at it gives me the heebies. Ah well, it's always better to see it in black and white. Go DynaTeam!