Saturday, February 24, 2007

Current Inspiration

I've been totally inspired by the gift membership to Pattern Review that I got for Christmas. There are people on there who can really sew! I had to take a little time to reflect what I like about sewing, I always just assumed it was the fabric!! I still haven't come up with an answer, I only know that I can't let a day slip by without sneaking into my studio even just to look around.

Here is my newest obsession, brought about by a women's vintage pink coat given me by my mom. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was just the right color for Mimi, and decided to cut it down for her. But it needs a hat all to itself. You're never too young to learn that a stocking cap (no matter how bright or stripey) is no match for a well cut winter dress coat. I found this pattern online at the Vintage Pattern Lending Library (where have they been all my life?), for a girl's cloche hat pattern from the 1920's. The pattern says it fits a 20" head, and also that it's a size 6. Well, the hat fits my daughter, who is 2. I will just let that speak for itself.

I also found this totally awesome crochet cloche on eBay, I think it's from Bow2Tow. It's also supposed to best fit an 18-24 month old, but it fits my two year old and this adult mannequin. So sizing continues to baffle, but I think the proper-hat-for-your-coat lesson is covered for now. Oh my. As I read that last sentence, there's some alarm bell going off in the back of my head. This is somehow all going to come back and haunt me, isn't it???

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