Saturday, July 19, 2008

Total Convert

So my friend has been trying to convince me for several years now that I need to watch this show called "Project Runway." Perhaps you've heard of it? Well, quite frankly it has always struck me as just another reality TV show with trite actors in contrived situations designed solely for the ads in between its scanty content. (I actually will take the gloves off when it comes to reality tv.)
However, I watched the first episode of the new season today, thanks to her persistence and a cool thing having to do with digital cable and fast forwarding through commercials. Wow. I never thought I'd say it but I am hooked. Throughout the entire rabbit and possum bedtime story I was contriving my own trip through the drugstore culling items for the perfect dress. I hate to say it, but I care about these people. Is it because they are more supportive, more honest, more talented, more real than on other reality shows? Maybe.
What I do know is that I will be back. I'm a total Runway convert. Thanks Jenna.

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Aly The Red-Bliss Monkey Studio said...

I've missed the whole thing.... don't watch tv, I guess. But this makes me want to see it!