Saturday, May 24, 2008

Work a Day

Aside from a trip to our hidden treasure thrift store this morning to pick up our lovely stereo cabinet, today was an uninterruped workday. For B that meant turning soil and planting beans and tomatoes. For the kiddos, mad bike riding in the driveway and umbrella forts. For me, a long, and productive studio day.

I've been wanting to make reversible sun hats for the summer. But how to present the label and sizing? Well, I've been keeping this in mind, and decided to give it a whirl. Here's the reveal:

I tried the same technique on several different mediums, since the twill tape idea was good for sew-in labels, but not great for the foldies that I wanted. It was a bit bulky when folded. I rifled through the trims drawer and found a few other possibilities. From the top there's the twill tape, then a narrow white satin seam binding (vintage!), the same in pink, and an ivory single fold bias tape.

The twill tape was awesome, but bulky. The seam binding was quite lovely, folded nicely, and it appears the glossy paper residue absorbs better into these (surprise), so they are softer and more professional looking. The corners are sharper, however, but since these won't be against the skin I think it's okay. The single fold bias was very soft as well, but much narrower than the others so I ended up taking quite a bit off the edges of the label. They also feel "unfinished" to me, like the sides need to be topstitched closed.

I did a bunch in twill tape and seam binding, and am now going to sew them in to reversible hats on a trial basis to see if one out performs the other. Good times.

Oh, it was also a very productive day for sewing hats! Some new styles to be unveiled soon... Stay tuned!

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